Goodbye NeuroGalaxy :(

NeuroGalaxy is closed. Long live NeuroGalaxy! I'm sure you've all noticed the pains and struggles the site has had over the past few months. Initially I planned on keeping NG up as-is until we could give it the attention and focus that it deserves. Unfortunately that didn't work out and things just got worse. So instead, I'm taking NG down and giving it some time to breathe. We've still got all of your accounts, pets, and roaming information saved. We've got all of the images, items, and amazing things that were created on NG.
So, when there is more information about the future of NG, it'll get posted here and talked about on the facebook.
Thank you to Jorick, Chiru and Kiaryi for the years of hard work they put into NG. You will not be forgotten!
Also, make sure to check out Charahub. It's a fun site about making profiles for your characters that you've built on places like NeuroGalaxy.