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Gem Account [Reetno] now I have nothing to do but battle here again
Gem Account [Reetno] lol... meh...
Gem Account [Reetno] I wanna be on a non-laggy computer...
Gem Account [Reetno] it's just that it keeps shuting off then turning back on over and over agian for hours :/
Gem Account [Reetno] All I know is it does turn on, and it can start up and when it does it works perfectly fine
User [Synn] Well good luck, if it was like a MAC I would know the solution and junk haha.
Gem Account [Reetno] I'm at my wits end with it...
Gem Account [KitsuneXKyuubi] Zerra Riri in the chatbox?
Gem Account [Reetno] Hopefully when we take in in this weekend they can fix it
Gem Account [Reetno] I've gotten it to start 5 times since that
Gem Account [Reetno] I only started having problems with it the start of Feb
User [Synn] Hmm I wish my room mate was here, he'd know this for sure. x_ x

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