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User [cutiepup5357] NUUUU. Come back, Ovo! ;~;
User [cutiepup5357] LOOK AT IT <3 I made it~
User [cutiepup5357] http://i55.tinypic.com/ek24vn.gif
Gem Account [Ovokins] I have to go do the dishes. Back in a few!
User [pandycanes] hoohoohoo
Gem Account [Ovokins] Missed Flame Spirits in the mall :c
User [Skai] I like it, too, but I've never been there :B It's on the updates.
Gem Account [Ovokins] I mean... hi. :o
Gem Account [Ovokins] Yum! ouo
User [Elano] Uh, er, I mean.. Hi?
User [Elano] Pasta~
User [dragenda5] me like :3