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12:24 AM NG Time

Topic: How can I get more StarCoins?

There are numerous ways of earning StarCoins.

  • Play games.
  • Restock valuable items in the main shops, and then resell them at a higher price in your own shop.
  • Battle! Train your pet and fight monsters in the arena or while roaming. They give StarCoins and, if you're lucky, items too.
  • Sometimes we organize events where you can win prizes, including StarCoins.

    Gem Account [Qraisi] lol.
    Gem Account [Luigi_Koopa] Okay. ^^
    Gem Account [Luigi_Koopa] http://www.neurogalaxy.co.uk/help_search.php?id=26
    Gem Account [Qraisi] weegee- if you dont mind O///O
    Gem Account [Luigi_Koopa] Allthia, you have to get them by placing in the activity contest.
    Gem Account [Luigi_Koopa] o.o Hey Qraisi, do you want the starling soda back?
    User [lannahh] deesheep. unu
    User [Allthia] can sumone tell me how to earn activity tokens?
    User [Allthia] *activity tokens
    Gem Account [Derryn] I cant get over how cute my sister's kitten is. u.u He's got slightly droopy eyes so he always looks so adorably sad. :I
    User [Allthia] how do you earn tokens?
    User [ChouAiko] ... I'll be back later. Supper.