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07:28 AM NG Time

Topic: My pet is bored! How do I entertain it?

Similar to feeding, you can entertain a pet by using a toy from your Inventory. Toys are sold mostly in the Toy Shop in the Marketplace.

Once you have a toy in your inventory, click on it, and choose the option 'Play with *Your Pet*'. Only your active pet will be entertained by playing with the toy.

Click here for more details on how to change your active pet.

Gem Account [Reetno] they stick around for three refreshes when in hunt (oO')
Gem Account [Reetno] what I do is I change the colors of the layout with my Stylish add-on to make it easier to spot those little marks better, lol...
User [Redlam] maybe make them hang around for more than one click? Sometimes you get clicking so fast you pass the mark before your brain even realizes it was an RE. xD
Gem Account [Reetno] No I was talking about I have no problem noticing events in the roam bar~
Assistant Admin [Chiru] Hm. e.e What would -you- do to make them a little more noticeable, while still keeping it a little challenging?
User [Redlam] Yeah the random events. They are sooo hard to notice sometimes. Especially when they pop up in the dark blue bg.
Gem Account [Reetno] it's the question marks I have a problem with :/
Assistant Admin [Chiru] Oh, what, you mean the random item thingies that pop up around the page sometimes?
Gem Account [Reetno] but as to the passive events, I notice them just fine~ in fact I notice them right away, so I'm most likely not the one to really ask, lol...
Gem Account [Reetno] my first chest and it gave me nothing? (T^T)
Gem Account [Reetno] How do you melt ice walls?
User [Redlam] could we make the question marks that crop up brighter, too?