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01:23 AM NG Time

Topic: How do I move clothes to my closet?

Go to your Inventory, click an item and select "Move to Mercenary Closet". Simple as that!

User [warriorgirl4995] I dunno. o.o
User [pandycanes] Pfffftttt. I don't know what to say back at that.
Gem Account [Qraisi] war, are they migraines and not just headaches?
User [warriorgirl4995] 3 Advil doesn't even help the headaches I get. xD
Gem Account [Enzerunohikari] I took some aspirin earlier, it helped a little, but I still feel it. o.e; Oh well, I'll go to sleep early and hope it goes away. xD
Gem Account [Qraisi] it wasfun, but seriously. how do adults spend EIGHT HOURS singing?
Assistant Admin [Chiru] :'D You know it, Pandy!
User [ChouAiko] Coolios.
User [ChouAiko] Okies.
Gem Account [Qraisi] then we played videogames for six hours.
Gem Account [Qraisi] we hung out in the basement and had a two hour jellybean war.
Assistant Admin [Chiru] If eating fails, try painkillers? D: