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12:23 AM NG Time

Topic: Can I add something to the Randomizer?

Only staff members can add content to the Randomizer. However, many Randomizer entries come from humorous conversations in the chatbox or forums, so don't be surprised if you see yourself quoted in the Randomizer one day!

It's also important to note that the staff will not add entries for you, so please don't ask them to do so. That undermines the honor of being quoted, after all!

Gem Account [Qraisi] lol.
Gem Account [Luigi_Koopa] Okay. ^^
Gem Account [Luigi_Koopa] http://www.neurogalaxy.co.uk/help_search.php?id=26
Gem Account [Qraisi] weegee- if you dont mind O///O
Gem Account [Luigi_Koopa] Allthia, you have to get them by placing in the activity contest.
Gem Account [Luigi_Koopa] o.o Hey Qraisi, do you want the starling soda back?
User [lannahh] deesheep. unu
User [Allthia] can sumone tell me how to earn activity tokens?
User [Allthia] *activity tokens
Gem Account [Derryn] I cant get over how cute my sister's kitten is. u.u He's got slightly droopy eyes so he always looks so adorably sad. :I
User [Allthia] how do you earn tokens?
User [ChouAiko] ... I'll be back later. Supper.