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04:19 PM NG Time

Topic: What are the roam modes?

You can change your roam mode on the right-hand sidebar. You can be walking, but you can also run (move faster), hunt (move slower, but find more opponents) and rest (you won't move at all).

You have New Events!
[DrSharky] From the toy shop? Ahh, alright, I'll tell someone about this.
User [Asrodeia] oh a yellow martyr cookie in Toys r fuz
User [Asrodeia] earlier I bought a Red amytha cookie there
User [Asrodeia] and edible?
[DrSharky] They're plastic?
User [warriorgirl4995] Ok, thanks. :)
User [Babblegam] Hey, Von.
User [Asrodeia] more cookies in the toyshop... blue martyr cookie...
[DrSharky] Yes.
User [warriorgirl4995] In roam battles, when it says something like your pet gains or loses some of a certain stat, that's just for the duration of that battle, right?
User [Von] Hello everyone.Long time no see. c:
[DrSharky] It's amazingggg.

You are not Roaming.

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