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02:17 PM NG Time
Welcome to NeuroGalaxy!
NeuroGalaxy is a virtual pet site with a growing community. Create a pet, recruit a Mercenary, roam NeuroGalaxy and feel the wrath of BunnyJorick! 40406 People have joined the fun. You should do the same!

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User [Lizblackdog] LOL
Gem Account [Peyelle] or the possesed potato
User [Redlam] or a balrog! 100k HP! |D
User [Lizblackdog] omg Atrox. CANNOT WAIT.
Gem Account [Peyelle] i wonder if the giant graven will be a 'boss' level monster.
Gem Account [Peyelle] Lol.
User [Redlam] Now we just need some insanely hard boss somewhere in Atrox. xD *-* Lich King or something. xD
Gem Account [Peyelle] Gah. you all make me feel like my pets are so weak.
User [Lizblackdog] I'm sure she's back by now
User [Lizblackdog] Probably, it was ...Wednesday night, I think?
User [Lizblackdog] VERY PLEASED.
User [Redlam] I'm on my way to her right now, I hope she's spawned.

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