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User [cutiepup5357] Oh, also, can you make the text bigger? :3
User [maskingthelies] erm k
User [cutiepup5357] Add the angel one and it will be compleeete<3
User [cutiepup5357] DUDEDUDUDEUDEU
User [cutiepup5357] OMFGAWESOMNESSSasdfghjkl;
User [maskingthelies] CUTIE anything else?
Gem Account [Fayde] right im going to go for a bit, bye
User [Qraisi] I don't think mediafire's closing, but megaupload and all of that network is down.
User [Tonku] heya
User [Galaxia] hey tonku
User [Tonku] :3
User [Galaxia] I hope not ><

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