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Gem Account [KitsuneXKyuubi] Gaiz. :< My Ciel wig is squeezing my head a little.
Gem Account [Reetno] Hopefully tomorrow... if not Saturday...
Gem Account [Starflight] I hope you can figure it out soon. D:
Gem Account [Reetno] and yet it just has to happen to me...
Gem Account [Reetno] I know... I've never even heard of a computer doing this...
Gem Account [Starflight] hmm x_x
Gem Account [Reetno] no beeps... just the fans turning on and off
Gem Account [Reetno] Yeah... well that's why I'm going to be getting experts to look at it~
Gem Account [Starflight] was there a beep code at all..?
User [Synn] I mean I'm no expert.. ^^;
User [Synn] lol Well sounds like a digital card error to me, something to do with the graphics card. But I'm not expert :D
Gem Account [Reetno] now I have nothing to do but battle here again

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