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User [Krynne] I have a man twin in real life... he's my twin brother LOL!
Gem Account [Chinchilla] brb guys
User [Krynne] I think the programmers are having too much fun making funny messages for Subeta's "down" pages LOL
User [Lilace] I do wish I had a man-twin. That'd be pretty cool.
Gem Account [Chinchilla] I think I did that because my bother's screen name stuff is usually Lancealittle xD
User [pupzee] subeta's coming back for 1 min :P
Gem Account [Chinchilla] xD my bad.
User [Lilace] Lilance. That sounds like my male counterpart. If I had one. . o.
User [Krynne] Okay I will try there... thanks DrSharky!
User [User Action] Chinchilla high fives Lilance
[DrSharky] Try roaming to Gramville first, the monsters along that path are generally easiest.
User [Krynne] Well, not die, but... you know!

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