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[sgtdroopy] When the admins decide that they need new staff, an update will be made listing all the requirements and what kind of users they're looking for. If you browse back a while in the updates, you can find what they wanted last time. It's probably really deep though...
User [kokay] How can I be a neurocrew?
[DrSharky] Probably :v it's due for a facelift. Oh, I see what you mean about the search.
User [Lizblackdog] Yes. Browsing trades is sometimes a thing I do when I'm trudging through there and I'm bunnied out for the day
Gem Account [RhymesWithGasm] Maybe the trade system'll get revamped some day.
User [dragenda5] i know .___.
[sgtdroopy] Nor is browsing.
[sgtdroopy] Because there's not really a good way to search for drinks in the trades. The search function isn't intuitive. D:
[DrSharky] I dunno, I just assumed so.
Gem Account [RhymesWithGasm] Wait, trades work in the caves? o_o I didn't know that.
User [SannuSuicidal] ohkay >.<
[DrSharky] hahaha.

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