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User [maskingthelies] my OCD with colors is gonna kill me one day
User [Aenid] lols.
User [maskingthelies] ahah
User [maskingthelies] loudred is on my profile
User [maskingthelies] -3-
User [malfoy] awe Aenid :9 ahh ikr as soon as i saw that i needed to add it in orz too cute ;w;
User [maskingthelies] why are you here
User [maskingthelies] rhaz ordered one of mine too i was like gkjawegawg
User [cutiepup5357] aw. I'm not full of awesome. ; 3 ;
User [Aenid] I'm always jealous of your profiles, malfoy. :c love the pkmn gifs, too. cuute.
User [maskingthelies] revy is getting one of mine
User [maskingthelies] lol rev

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