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User [Qraisi] I had a teacher in first grade who was only able to be in school for a total of 4-5 weeks.
User [User Action] Veia nods
User [Qraisi] The teacher could be seriously ill and hiding it.
User [Sindrylle] I don't know, teachers just are lazy so they call off most of the time xD There is no way a teacher has to go that much to the doctor..
User [pupzee] really? why's that? xD
User [Sindrylle] Yeah.
User [Crystalia] lucky them
User [Sindrylle] I'm not a junior anymore though if you misunderstood that /shot
User [Sindrylle] Well, first years have to go to school 7 hours a day, while seniors don't have to , their hours fall away most of the time.
User [pupzee] Whaaaat? O:
User [Sindrylle] On my school the juniors have a minimum of hours they have to attend school on, 7 hours a day, "YES! Only 2 hours school today!" /juniors are allowed to sob in that corner\
User [Sindrylle] Nice, I'm jealous! Classmates call me a nerd.. I sort of are though /shot