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Gem Account [shazuku] My stepmom was like, "Well that's why you're supposed to be five minutes early." And I replied, "I WAS."
Gem Account [shazuku] QoQ M-m-my bus was really super early. And I missed it.
User [Crunch] ah i see :)
[DrSharky] Cause not every item can be put in the closet, and a proper system to deal with that hasn't been coded :v
User [Crunch] Hmm is there any reason why you can't quickstock into your closet?
[DrSharky] I'll get a box when I see them, but I don't usually see them, haha.
Assistant Admin [Kiaryi] e.e Man, I considered buying Girl Scout Cookies... I really did. But then I was like, do I want to get addicted again? I regret not buying those cookies every day.
[DrSharky] Oh man, I got some thin mints the other day. It's hard to resist the urge to shove them all my mouth at once.
User [WindKitsune] SHARE
User [WindKitsune] I mean
User [WindKitsune] MINE

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