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User [Jodie] Red Montsuki Kimono in stock
User [Lilace] The word. Yus
User [Lilace] Oh my god. I adore that she uses "chibi"
User [Redlam] plus she got John DeLancie to voice the villain in season 2 e1 and 2. JOHN DELANCIE. Q from STAR TREK. xD /shot
User [Lilace] Yaaay~ I love her style.
User [Redlam] http://fyre-flye.deviantart.com/ :D
User [Lilace] I think so..
User [Lilace] She has a DA too, doesn't she?
User [Redlam] |D and she's married to Craig McCracken. Cutie Mark Crusaders? CMC xD and the CMC look like blossom, bubbles and buttercup a bit. |D and have some similar personality traits.
Gem Account [Smoker] .. She did Foster's Home? I'm now slightly tempted to watch MLP
User [Lilace] Kinda punny. FOSTer sounds like Faust. I see what you did there
User [Lilace] And Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends