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User [cutiepup5357] WHERE IS KITTENS
User [Fayde] does the weather change every hour?
Gem Account [Revska] I'm about to flip tables.
Gem Account [Revska] Now it's very cloudy. D<
User [danniebloo] yeah I've had a tablet for years but..I still have a hard time with it @_@;
User [malfoy] using a tablet just takes some time getting use to :9
User [danniebloo] I have the hardest time with digital art :c
User [danniebloo] prisma <3
User [malfoy] i just do all my arts on the computer owo
User [danniebloo] My school is taking submissions for the student gallery but we can only submit things we did in class and all we've done in class was sketches of ducks and bears and tractor pistons :c
User [malfoy] awe lol D:
Gem Account [Revska] Which is cool.... But soooo much work.

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