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User [MrBubbles] I forgot the CB doesn't like the plus sign...
User [MrBubbles] 8D Now all I have to do is work on a couple of real examples a couple more poses.
User [MrBubbles] Thanks, guys!
User [olivia] omgahhh the bodies are so cuteee
User [MrBubbles] :D
Gem Account [Revska] Cute. o^o
User [MrBubbles] lol, I do need to add more things to my WL. :P
Gem Account [Revska] I NEVER use my syorage. xD
Gem Account [Revska] So unorganized. v-v
User [MrBubbles] Here we go! http://omgimages.net/img/5907/small_126796.jpg
User [malfoy] my items are all over the place ;w;
Gem Account [Revska] /pat pat

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