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02:17 PM NG Time

Tell your friends about us!
Do your friends want to play NeuroGalaxy too? Well, invite them over! The more the merrier, and the merrier you'll be for each friend you refer. Just ask your buddies to fill in your username under the 'Referral' field when they sign up. Or give them this link to register:

Check out the chart below to see which fabulous prize each referral milestone nets you!

Your Referrals: !



5 Referrals

10 Referrals

15 Referrals

20 Referrals
5 Activity Tokens

25 Referrals

30 Referrals

35 Referrals
31 Gem Days

40 Referrals

45 Referrals
Rainbow Potion

50 Referrals,
and every 20 thereafter
31 Gem Days

User [Revska] Bye bye. '3'
User [Galaxia] anyway I gtg , bye~
User [Galaxia] also-I might be able to start RO today, just half of the patch left :3
User [Galaxia] but I'll be here on my b-day dont worry
User [Galaxia] thanks
User [Revska] Happy early birthday. C:
User [Galaxia] hm? yeah birthday for me
User [Revska] For you?
User [Revska] Well, Robins helped with the stamps which was nice. C: After I get Vitalie enchanted I'm going to try to get the protective gem elementarium since I heard it was really good. Theeen, I'm going to work on Vitalie so I can go to the ice caves. |D
User [Galaxia] I have a birthday in 3 more days ;n;
User [Galaxia] good job@ ^ ^
User [Revska] I only need 4 more carrot stamps~ and... I'm 6k/10k exp so close. :'3

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