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The following rules apply to all sections of NeuroGalaxy, including the forums, chatbox, private messages, profiles, etc., unless otherwise stated. Please read the following information carefully before registering for NeuroGalaxy, as your use of this site signifies your acceptance of its rules. Punishment for breaking one or more of these rules ranges from a warning to a permanent ban. Ban time for transgressions may vary on an individual case basis. NeuroGalaxy staff reserve the right to ban offenders without warning.

No hacking
Attempting to get someone else's account information in any way will lead to a permanent ban.

No scamming
Do not scam, mislead, or manipulate other members in any way for your own profit.

Abusing glitches
Abusing glitches is always against the rules. If and when you see a glitch, immediately send us a help ticket describing the issue in as much detail as possible. If you received any items from the glitch, delete them immediately. Do not tell others about the glitch if they could potentially abuse it as well.

One account per person
Do not create multiple accounts for whatever reason, even if your other account has been banned. It is advised that you send in a help ticket if you have relatives, etc., who also play NeuroGalaxy on the same computer or network. Do not do one-way trades between these accounts to avoid confusion.

Age requirement
You must be 13 years of age or older to register and play NeuroGalaxy.

Discrimination and hate speech
Do not discriminate or display discriminatory actions or behavior on the basis of gender, race, age, ethnicity, disability, religion, or sexual orientation.

Fair play
Play fair. Autorefreshers, autobuyers, and other similar applications are not allowed.

SPAM are silly/short, pointless or annoying messages. That includes multiple posts, repeated identical messages, messages that stretch the layout, or 'bumping' forum posts.

Do not harass other users via the chatbox, the forums, profiles, private messages, or any other avenues of communication on NeuroGalaxy. Harassment is defined as the persistent troubling of another person or persons with unwanted attention, remarks, or behavior.

If you feel you are being harassed by or are in a conflict with another member, please submit a help ticket or contact a staff member instead of attempting to resolve the issue yourself.

Do not sell or trade NeuroGalaxy goods
NeuroGalaxy's currencies or items may not be sold or traded for off-site currencies or items. This also applies to pets, names, etc. Do not attempt to make off-site profit by using our characters or concepts-that is illegal!

Do not claim to be someone else, or to have someone else's items, pets, mercenaries, or other assets. Do not claim to be a staff member. Leave the staff's job to the staff.

Click here to view the official list of NeuroGalaxy staff members.

Do not distribute harmful content
Do not transmit or facilitate the distribution of content that is harmful, abusive, racially or ethnically offensive, vulgar, sexually explicit, religiously affiliated, defamatory, infringing, discriminatory, politically or morally controversial, invasive of personal privacy or publicity rights, or-in a reasonable person's view-otherwise objectionable. Hate speech will not be tolerated.

Do not file false reports
Do not abuse the in-game complaint forms or submit false reports to NeuroGalaxy staff members. This includes-but is not limited to-submitting help tickets with short, pointless and annoying messages, or questions irrelevant to NeuroGalaxy (ex. 'What is the meaning of life?').

Do not promote illegal activities
Do not promote or encourage any illegal activitives (including - but not limited to - hacking, cracking, or distributing counterfeit or pirated software or music).

Do not promote competing sites
You can discuss competing sites, such as virtual pet sites, but you cannot promote them by displaying links, offering referral invitations, or encouraging members via other forms of advertisement. This also includes solicitation of our members and our staff members for other websites.

No advertising
Do not advertise your shop, trades, etc. except in the appropriate forum.

The chatbox is not for advertising, selling, buying, or trading.

Do not use the chatbox to solicit Trendsetter votes. This means no posting links to a Mercenary's profile with a message similar to, 'Vote for so-and-so!'

No solicitation of goods or services
Do not actively solicit other members for goods-such as MoonRocks, items, artwork, or other wares-via private messaging, profile comments, or any other form of direct communication.

You may, however, create a forum thread politely requesting MoonRocks, artwork, etc. in the appropriate forum section.

English only
You may only use the English language in any public part of the website (chatbox, profile, forums, etc.). However, foreign languages are allowed in pet/mercenary names and private messages.

Inappropriate names
Inappropriate user, pet, or mercenary names can result in the deletion of the offending pet(s) or mercenary/mercenaries, and/or the permanent banning of the user account.

No begging
Do not beg for anything anywhere on the site. This includes asking for free items, StarCoins, etc.

Spoilers about the site (such as trivia answers, what is in certain give-aways, unreleased items that you found, etc.) and off-site spoilers (ex. the ending to popular books or movies) should not be posted in public. You can hold these conversations via private messaging if necessary. However, posting answers to trivia or other similar games/events is never allowed.

No Roleplaying in the chatbox
No roleplaying in the chatbox (unless specifically permitted by the administration during special events). Roleplaying is the practice of assuming a character or person's role and enacting their actions in a form similar to, 'So-and-so barks and wants to be petted.'

These types of interactions belong either in the Roleplay Boards or the Roleplay Forums.

A healthy community
Keep our online community healthy by avoiding fights, sensitive subjects, or other personal ills. Do not continuously post comments of unhappiness or frustration that will bring down the mood of the chatbox or forums.

The chatbox and forums should be a friendly and positive place for communication. Remember, a healthy community is a happy one!

General etiquette
Be kind and courteous to other members, including staff members. Frequent rude behavior will not be tolerated.

Public Displays of Affection
NeuroGalaxy is not a dating site and should not be used as such. Do not actively seek romantic relationships with other members. If you happen to be in a relationship with another NeuroGalaxy member, do not display intimate affections in public areas (i.e. the chatbox and forums).

Do not create targeting/flaming topics that name or obviously refer to any specific member. It is fine to discuss the behavior of another member, but do not use usernames or other forms of identification. This includes banned users.

Know the rules
Read these rules carefully. Not reading the rules is never an excuse to anything. Use of this site signifies your acceptance of the rules.

Gem Account [Fayde] bye
User [Galaxia] bye..
User [Galaxia] sorry...
User [cutiepup5357] bye
User [cutiepup5357] *have
User [cutiepup5357] Well NOW I ahve to go
User [cutiepup5357] Ummmm
User [cutiepup5357] ; u ;
User [Galaxia] I got no idea for a NAME...
User [Galaxia] I am making a character
User [cutiepup5357] I'm bored to the bone e o e
User [cutiepup5357] where are you on GDO

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